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How it Works

Painter and DecoratorPut simply, you fill in our simple online form and then we match your details with our database of over 4,000 companies throughout the UK to find you recommended and locally based painters and decorators who will compete for your business.

Save money by comparing painting and decorating quotes from up to 5 recommended companies near you

You benefit by completing just one simple form online and wait while we compare your given details against our database and find up to 5 companies to quote on your project.

The Process Explained:

Step 1 - Complete the Form Complete the online form in under a minute
Step 2 - We select up to 5 contractors We select up to 5 contractors to quote
Step 3 - Pick the best one and save Pick the one that's right for you and save money

It really is that simple - so what are you waiting for?

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